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2009  TEEN BUILD Program

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Homeschooling Teens from a 30 mile radius carpool their way to the land intermittently to learn natural building and sustainable living skills.


Teens participated in a number of projects on the land in 2009 including construction of the log loft and shelves, some thatching on the Kids Cottage & Spiral Chamber, collection of apples from the land and apple pie baking, collection & skinning of maple saplings, the insulating layer on the Sun Face Earth Oven, learning of lashing knot techniques and the retying of strawbales, adventures to the swamp, pruning apple trees and viewing of videos on natural building.  And always, the guitar came out, music was played and rich conversations woven in. Great folks.


Teens assisted at the 2009 Earth Day Expo, held in Rochester, Michigan, helping with the exhibit table, the earthen mix demonstration & sculpting project as well as the creation and demonstration of a water light which turns a plastic bottle into the equivalent of a 50 watt light!  Thanks for that, Brooke.

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