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Description of Tours, Presentations, Exhibits, Workshops & Programs, Full Moon Events, Internships.




January 2010 - March 2010

April 2010 - December 2010



Full Moon Bonfire and Potluck plus tour of natural buildings & gardens.


Ongoing activities: Intern & volunteer projects, office work & maintenance.





Date                  2009 Activities


Chicago Group VisitIntern Bethany Cook brings 4 young people to stay at the Strawbale Studio, tour & volunteer



Reed CollectionPrevious interns who thatched the Kensington Kid's Cottage in 2006 return to collect reed.



Presentation to Solar Design Class at Lawrence Technological University (LTU), Southfield, MI.  Instructor: Janice Means.



Earth Sculpture Workshop ~ co-creating a  Strawbale Bench & interior wall (E. Wing) 



Presentation to the Solar Club (an outdoor recreation organization) Westland, MI. Theme: Simple Living.  



Tour for the Neuman Family.


3/19/09           Presentation at the St. Clair Public Library on Alternative Building.

Tour for LTU Solar Design Class, Lawrence Technological University Architecture Program.  Instructor: Dr. Janice Means.  


4/11/09  Plaster & Sculpting Workshop in the main house. 



Exhibit for the 2009 Earthday Expo, Rochester, MI . Exhibit included an Ecovillage Model-making for children plus Earth Oven, Solar Oven & Water Light demonstrations! Teens & Interns helped. 50,000 conference attendees.



Consultation for the Green Garage, a Zero Energy Sustainability Center being created in Detroit. Consultation was given regarding the potential use of natural building materials to renovate the interior & exterior of this inspiring building.



Presentation for the Wild Lapeer, Earth Day Event: PowerPoint Presentation on regional natural buildings.



Oxford Earth Day Event: Earthen Mixing  Earth Oven & Solar Oven demonstrations.  Lead by interns Sam Runner & Amity Yore.



Open Source Green Map introduction to the Oakland Co. Planning Dept.at the Oakland Transition Town meeting. 


5/15-24/09   10 day “Complete Cob”  Workshop for the Cob Cottage Company, Coquille, OregonCo-teachers: Kirk Mobert & Deanne Bednar.  Assisted by Linda Smiley & Ianto Evans. 

Thatching Workshop.  Learn basics on practice frame & Kids’ Cottage.  Organized for John Van Eck.



Earth Plaster Workshop at herbalist Jim McDonalds'.  Adhesion & infill coats on walls



Earth Oven Workshop.  Cole family. Tour, SB video, testing earth, make an earth oven model, kids & mom make individual sculptures.  Design consultation on their house plans. 


6/09 Wild Women in the Woods, Natural Building Series of 2 classes at 3 Roods Farm in Columbiaville, MI for Robin Mallor.  Deanne lead awareness excercises & collaborative building of a lean-to out of natural materials gathered from the woods at the farm.                                

Introduction to Strawbale & Cob.  Hands-on Workshop for Ann Arbor Group, organized by Kris Kaul.   



Powerpoint Presentation on the Open-Source Greenmap to Oakland Schools & the Oakland County Planning Department.  



Oxford Community Television Presentation for local cable station. Subject: Solar & Strawbale House Design & Solar Cooking. Ellen Waara interviewed Deanne Bednar. 



Great Lakes Renewable Energy Fair, Manistique, MI: Natural Building Exhibit table, Earth Oven demonstration. Lead by intern Sam Runner



Earth Works Urban Farm “Youth Program” from Detroit tours the Strawbale Studio and helps mix and apply earthen mix to the Sun Face Earth Oven. 


6-11/09 Completion of Oxford Kid's Cottage Thatched Roof: Finishing application of Phragmite, cattail collection, drying & application to the ridge, and decorative cross-hatch detailing. Special thanks to Evan Dayringer & Emilie Breczinski.                      
5-11/09 Permaculture Gardens, Greenhouse & Grounds.  Interns helped with reshaping of beds, planting, Herb Spiral construction, Greenhouse construction & planting, wood harvesting & cutting. Special thanks to Sam Runner & all others!                                    
6-7/09 Thatched Lean-to Woodshed outside the Strawbale Studio.  Initiated by intern Sam Runner & assisted by interns including those from the 3 Roods Farm.                             

Strawbale Workshop for Al-Fraih from Kuwait, who will be taking the information back with him, and Alexis Bogdanov-Hanna, manager of the Upland Hills CSA. 10 second Clay Stomping video by Abdul Al-Fraih.



Women’s Creative Weekend Retreat.  Koren Farmer & friends beautify the Strawbale Studio with earth plaster, reed loft ceiling & tree sculpture addition. 


7/26/09 - 8/01/0-9

Natural Building Colloquium East, a 5 day conference in Bath NY: Thatching Exhibit & Presentation, Leader of training session to complete the base and finish plasters on the Retreat Cabin at Peaceweavers Conference Center. Assisted by interns Stacy Armbruster & Sam Runner. 



Midwest Permaculture Class Tour & Hands-on .  The 30 students receiving certification from Midwest Permaculture toured, helped & had supper at the Strawbale Studio.  Five men were being trained in PC by Armed Forces to help in Afghanistan.  



2-day Earth Oven Workshop: "Fire & Earth".  Co-lead by Intern Sam Runner.   



Felting Workshop with fabric artist Kylie Baker from Chicago.  Make felt for retrofitting the Strawbale Studio stem walls.  



Great Lakes Bioneers Detroit at Marygrove College:  Natural Building Exhibit table, Earth Oven & Solar Oven demonstration & Youth Workshop, below.



Creating a Model Ecovillage: Youth Workshop at Great Lakes Bioneers Detroit,: Teens collaboratively design an earthen model of a sustainable community. 



Detroit Green Map meeting at the Bioneers Detroit conference with Founding Director, Wendy Brawer from NYC.


9 - 11/09 Oxford Kid's Cottage Thatching. Cattail collection & drying. Phragmite roof thatching, cattail ridge application & decorative design on the Oxford Kids Cottage. Completed by Deanne and numerous interns & volunteers, especially Evan Dayringer.                           

Tour & Volunteer Day for 10 folks.



Tour for Fran Lee's Wine Group.  Fran is the original owner of the Strawbale Studio !



Holiday Gift-making Workshop:  Candle-making & earthen Candlestick holders. 



Other 2009 Projects: Creation of a stone Kiva artist Tom Hoyt.



Full Moon Bonfire and Potluck plus tour of natural buildings & gardens.



Teen Build Program meets on Wednesdays intermittently throughout the year.


Daily Ongoing activities: Intern & volunteer projects, office work & maintenance.




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