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A Sampler of Practical Skills

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Natural Building Series Part 4:  A Sampler of Practical Skills  


May 31 & June 1, 2008 


This weekend will give you a chance to experience a number of skills. Try your hand at some sustainable practices.  

In this workshop you will have an introductory experience in


  • stone foundation work
  • round pole framing
  • earth plastering 
  • harvesting local natural materials.  
  • foraging & making sauer kraut. 


And you will get to see the


  • Strawbale Studio
  • worm composter
  • Solar Oven
  • Rocket Stove Heated Bench
  • sustainability library & more.


Instructor: Deanne Bednar Bio


Fees & Registration:


  • $95 paid by April 20, 2008 
  • $120 paid y May 10, 2008 
  • Saturday only $60/$70


Home    Calendar     Diary    Building Projects    Links    www.strawbalestudio.org


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