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Create an activity for your group

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Possibilities include the following:


  • Create a Labyrinth . ..  

Create a sacred space here on that land...an easy labrynth you can make in other settings.  


  • Sculpt a Strawbale Bench ...

Build a bench in the main house from the beginning through finish plastering. 


  • Make & use Earthen Plasters ...

Learn to identify the proper earth, mix, and apply the earthen plaster!  We will be sculpting & finishing the Rocket Stove Heated Bench in the Red Pole Barn. 


  •  Live with a Rocket Stove Heated Bench ...

Spend 1 week or two living in the Red Pole Barn and heating with the Rocket Stove Heated Bench during the cold weather, fall to

early spring. 


  • Ferment & Forage

Learn how to make way-cool fermented things like Ethiopian Sponge Bread (Injira), Kombucha, Kefir, Yogurt.  Forage edible foods in season. See a video on foraging edible plants in our region.  Yes! 


  • Pyromania !  *

Get in on the construction of a Pocket Rocket Stove you can build out of metal cans.  Experience a Rocket Stove Heated Bench and learn the principles of its design and functioning.  Learn some basic campfire starting techniques, and more. 

*This workshop name was coined by Ianto Evans of the Cob Cottage Co., co-developer of the Rocket Stove.


  • Sculpting Sacred Space

Enjoy a hands-on experience of creating enchanting space by sculpting with earth indoors, or using natural materials such as field stone and wood to create beautiful spaces outdoors. 


  • Fairy Tea Party 

Visit the Strawbale Studio where you will have tea & treats!  Tour the Fairy Forest and follow paths to the Spiral Chamber & Kid's Cottage.  Hands-on activities can also be scheuduled. 


  • Make a Dream Catcher 

Honoring the tradition of the original people of this continent, learn to create a dream catcher from natural materials.  Ages 12 & up.  Enjoy learning the legends behind this skill & take your work home to hand in your sleeping space.


Many different projects, activities & materials are offered for groups of youth or adults. 



 How to schedule a workshop? 

Contact Deanne Bednar  248 628 1887,  ecoartdb@gmail.com, with your questions, and we will go from there! 

Classes are generally about $20 - $50 per day per person, with discounts for groups, families, bringing a friends, or helping to organize or assist in the workshop. 



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