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Fall Open Build

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2008-9   " O P E N    B U I L D ".    


Come to the land and join in on our natural building & sustainability activities.

This is an opportunity to be with good people, with nature, and learn useful skills while helping with current projects.


  • Oxford Kid's Cottage:  Thatching the roof, and building a field stone kneewall. 
  • Spiral Chamber:           Earth plastering
  • Strawbale Studio:        Radiant Floor, installation of heating system electronics


September 27 & 28, 2008            Saturday 10 - 5 pm  &  Sunday  10 - 5 pm


October 5,  2008                            Sunday    10 - 5 pm


October 11 & 12, 2008                 Saturday   2 - 7 pm   &  Sunday  10 - 5 pm


November & December, 2008   Weekdays & Weekends


Winter Reed Collection 




Call to schedule a time to come for a day or more. 


Instructor: Deanne Bednar,  Bio


Fees & Registration:

If you are able, a $25 donation would be very appreciated.  Register by email or phone.  ecoartdb@gmail.com 248 628 1887



            Bring food to share. We can share food and preparation.  Bring a bag of potatoes, or rice, or apples or whatever you     have on hand, and we will make do. 



            If you choose, bring your bedding & stay overnight. There is outdoor camping and some indoor space as well.

            Enjoy Natural Building Resources & videos or a bonfire in the evening. 


RSVP/ Registration:


            Call Deanne (248 628 1887) to register and for any questions. Also email Deanne at ecoartdb@gmail.com. 


What to bring:


  • Food:  Food will be both "provided and shared".  We ask that you contribute by bringing some food toward our common meals.  Look around your fridge and pantry, and  find something you can share . . .  perhaps a bag of apples, some potatoes or vegies, maybe fruit or uncooked grains, grainola, peanut butter, beans, etc.  Just bring some things, and we will make tasty meals from our common bounty.  You might even want to bring the "fixings" for a meal you want to share.   We will take turns, in small groups, preparing and cleaning up after the meals. We have done this many times for activities, and it works great.. "WorkTrade" folks will also help with meals.  If you have something special you want to have for yourself,  bring that as well.  We have some natural teas & coffee. If you decide to donate anything to the household, that is appreciated but not necessary...such as tea, toilet paper or money!  We tend to eat organic food, and styles range from vegarian/vegan to omnivore & carnivore.  Generally we eat vegetarian, and if you want some meat, you could bring it with you. 


  • Clothing:  Bring work clothes that are comfortable. Gloves are good.  We also have some here.  Bring outdoor clothes that will allow you to be in nature for an extended amount of time.  This might mean an extra sweater, jacket, hat, gloves, rain gear, boots, warm sox, sweat pants, snow pants.  Play it by the season.  Best to be prepared for possible conditions.  


  • Overnight accomodations are usually available.  Some simple indoor lodging is available (beds & cots) or unlimited camping space outdoors.  Bring your own bedding and personal items, towels, if you can.  We try to provide a non-snoring space for those who need quiet.  :)


  • Facilities: There is a main kitchen with a refrigerator and freezer.  There are 3 indoor bathrooms, each with toilet, bath & shower.

Home    Calendar     Diary    Building Projects    Links    www.strawbalestudio.org

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