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Page history last edited by Deanne Bednar 7 years, 3 months ago

You have found the OLD strawbale studio website.  

CLICK HERE to visit the NEW Strawbale Studio Website


CLICK HERE to visit the NEW Strawbale Studio Website




This older website you are at now is called "Deanne's Brain in Space" and it continues to hold

a rich amount of resources you may be interested in.  Look around this website,

or click on the new streamlined website, .STRAWBALESTUDIO.ORG ! 


Home        Diary        Building Projects        Calendar       Links     www.strawbalestudio.org  




The Strawbale  Studio   


                                  & Sustainable Living Skills

Strawbale Studio                           SBS interior          Enthusiastic Interns                Deanne Bednar              Kensington Kids Cottage

     Natural Building helps us connect again to our local natural environment,

             to our own intuitive and innate creativity, and to each other.

       It helps us to shift from an industrial, and often toxic building process

    to one that is affordable, empowering, community-building and life-affirming.

           We are co-creating ~ learning to dance in balance with nature.   

We are learning to ..."live ingeniously in a low-carbon world !"   a quote by the Zero Footprint organization .



          The LATEST :  The Natural Cottage Project July 2012      Tara & Tylers pics of Thatching at the SBS 2012

Miwa's NCP Blog   Laura's NCP blog Laura's NCP pics  Monica's NCP pics   Eva Wimmers NCP pics

New Rocket Cookstove  2012 Slideshow and Report.    10 second Clay Stomping video by Abdul Al-Fraih !

 New Earth Oven Photos    Photos of some current projects    Join the Strawbale Studio Email List

Kids Cottage Photos    Clay-stompin' video !    YouTube video   Homeschool pics     Strawbale Studio Photos 

Permaculture Meetup photos  Dana Driscoll's blog & pictures on the Strawbale Studio & Rocket Stove Cooker Class. 

MISSION  The STRAWBALE STUDIO Natural Building Educational Program works collaboratively to

provide educational workshops, volunteer opportunities, outreach, exhibits and presentations both on & off-site. By reconnecting with nature and community, activities seek to lower the ecological footprint of building practices by empowering others to take part in the construction and design of structures and supportive environments that are ecologically sustainable and beautiful. Additional activities include The Rocket Stove Heated Bench, Permaculture Gardening, Worm Composting, Solar Cooking & Drying, Sustainable Community Modeling & Natural Arts.   

Re-generative, Re-localization!  Case Study of the Strawbale Studio by the State of MI Energy Office.  

Photo on dcat.net website . Photo in Mother Earth News . On the Map .

ABOUT US    LOCATION:  Oxford, Michigan, USA. The Studio is located about 1 hour north of Detroit, on beautiful rural land. CONTACT:  (248) 628-1887, ecoartdb@gmail.com or PO Box 733, Oxford, MI 48371. OFFICE HOURS:   10a - 1 p Tues & Thurs.  BIO Coordinator of the Strawbale Studio Natural Building Program, Deanne Bednar  Bio  Places to stay around Oxford, MI    

DONATION  Consider making a tax-deductible donation. The Strawbale Studio Natural Building

Educational Program has formed a fiduciary & outreach partnership with the non-profit "SEEDS" to

expand its educational capacity. Sustaining this work . 2012 Donars: Dana Driscoll Gloria Lowe Jim and Mary Jo Bizer Garret Schloss Ben Law. * Special Thanks for donations from The DeWald Foundation, Scott Cameron,  Jason Howard, Anonymous, Thermal Engine Corporation for a Sterling Engine Fan, Detroit Edison & First Solar of Toledo for the solar electric system on the Strawbale Studio.  Thanks to Sharon Howell for setting up the strawbalestudio.org website! Christina Snyder and Chris Coon for design and assistance on the radiant floor system. And all the others who have helped so much over the years!  Thanks. Thanks. Strawbale Studio "Wish List". 

WEBSITE CONTENTS  "We are the ones we've been waiting for."


            Be surrounded by natural building & learning opportunities! 

    click here for pics of Natural Home FOR SALE by Deanne ~ on quiet GREEN LAKE, W. Bloomfield, MI



                2010 pictures.  January,2010 Pics from Deanne's trip to Spirit Pines Center, Los Olivos, CA

                                            Winter,  2010 Growing greens in the greenhouse @ the Strawbale Studio, MI

                                            Winter,  2010 Teens construct Worm Composting Bins at the SBS, Oxford, MI

                                            May 8,   2010 SBS exhibit & plaster workshop at The Willows in Lapeer, MI






Home    Calendar    Diary    Building Projects    Links    www.strawbalestudio.org

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We are reed collecting in march only. Call to join in.

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