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How to live without a salary

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Source:    http://www.ehow.com/how_2148547_live-salary.html



Difficulty: Moderate

Get Your Life in Order

Evaluate your life before you make a drastic change. Not everyone is cut out for living without a regular income. Some people need the security of a monthly paycheck. Make sure living without a salary is something you want to do before you do it.
Build up your assets. Save your pennies and put back a nest egg. This will give you some cushion as you make the change to a life without a salary.
Check with your immediate family. If there is someone other than you in your life then you need to get them on board your new choice. Living without a salary will affect everyone around you--sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad.
Make a list of all your necessary expenses (housing, transportation, food, and clothing) and total up what you will need to make in order to meet these expenses next year. Living without a salary does not mean living without money.

Making Money Without a Salary

Make a list of all the things that you enjoy doing. Are any of them things other people might NOT enjoy doing. Can you sew, or do yard work? Just because you enjoy it doesn’t mean someone else won’t pay you money to do it for them.
Look through you belongings and see what you have that could be sold. Pare down your extravagances. If you multiples of items (several televisions or cars) think about selling these.
Think about the things in your life and determine if you can make money using any of them. A lawnmower could be used to make money cutting the neighbors grass.
Get creative. Make items (baked goods, baby blankets, crafts) that can be sold at flea markets or online.
Make the internet work for you. Online auctions offer great opportunities to make some money.
Use your gifts and talents. If you are a performer, then book some shows. Libraries and schools are always on the look out for entertaining and educational programs. If writing is your talent then you should look for online jobs that will give you the ability to work when you want.
Make different choices. If you want to go on a trip, then choose to put your money towards that instead of towards new pants. The choices you make will determine whether you are able to live without a salary.


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