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Things I need to do


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  • December classes for Natural Awakenings

Sunday, December 10, Natural Holiday Crafts Classes

1 - 2:30 pm, Natural Gifts ~ Bees wax candles / earthen Candle Sticks+.

2:30 - 4 pm, Natural Cards & Wrapping Paper.

Enjoy this lovely wooded rural setting + tour the Thatched Roof Strawbale Studio natural building. Oxford, MI 1 hr N of Detroit. $10/class prepaid, $15 at the door. Limited to 12. Register now. 248 628 1887. Details: www.strawbale.pbwiki.com


Monday, December 11, Natural Holiday Crafts

A repeat of the above Dec 10 classes. Come either Sunday or Monday, or both, if you wish to explore the media in more depth.





Sunday, December 10, Natural Holiday Crafts

For adults and children

Remember how people used to make their gifts from local, natural materials? Remember the sweet smell of bees wax, and pine needles? Come enjoy some time to be with nature and natural materials as you make a gift for yourself or others.

If you are a parent, enjoy the event with your child, or drop off your child for the following activities.


Fee: $15 for each class, or $10 if prepaid.

Class is limited to 12, so call in your reservation now.

Group discounts & some scholarships available.


Location: Located on beautiful wooded rural land, the day will include a tour of the enchanting "Strawbale Studio" a natural building with a thatched roof and sculptural interior! Learn a little bit about natural building and other sustainable strategies, like worm composting!


Teacher: Deanne Bednar, art teach at the Middle School level for 28 years, illustrator of 3 books on natural building, and co-builder of the Strawbale Studioand the Kensington Metropark Kids Cottage.


Contact Deanne @ (248)628-1887 for questions, registration & directions.


Monday, December 11, Natural Holiday Crafts

1 - 2:30 pm Class 1. Natural Gifts:Candle & Candle Holder.

Make your own dipped bees-wax candle and sculpted earthen Candle Stick Holder.

Natural Sculpture. Use the earthen mix to create a sculpture of your choice. If you wish to go outdoors and be creative, you can collect nature items and combine them with the earthen mix to make an interesting & natural gift. $10/15


(Bring a snack for the 2:30-3 break if you are staying for both classes. )


3 - 4:30 pm Class 2. Holiday Cards and Wrapping Paper. Make your own Holiday cards and gift cards with stencils and pastels. Easy and beautiful. Bring paper bags to make your own wrapping paper using the same techniques. Learn how to cord and make your own natural string for wrapping. $10/15


This is a repeat of the above Dec 10 classes. Come either Sunday or Monday, or both, if you wish to explore the media in more depth.


Mid month. Natural gifts and Card-making. Next year?

Collect natural things and make a center piece. Sculpt a sun face for the Solstice. Bees wax candle and earthen candle holder.


Guiding Intentions

T be of service to a healthy, vibrant future through learning, living and sharing sustainable and actions & thinking processes.

Connect people with a direct relationship with nature.


Sustain the Strawbale Studio Sanctuary. Maintain a place where people can come to expereince many aspects of sustainability, be inspired and learn & share skills.

Bring in "green Energy" (money flow) to pay the bills, repair and maintain, create new learning components and "create capacity".


Increasing Capacity: transform cedar cabin, composting toilets, fix solar system, heat in SB Sanctuary, cover wood piles, explore Ecovillage capacity (Lois).


Creating Spaces: Labyrinth, Sacred Stone Piles, wattle fences, sitting areas, Tree Houses, wood zylaphone, clear trails


Permaculture: Master Gardeners to help with front beds (mulch, weed, label, research use of plants). Explore and write up existing plants and their uses. Do Seed Savers. Plant endangered species from the Gaia music.


Wilderness Skills - Survival Skills: Website with Debbie, bring in Bob Bodi, Peters' friend, Wild Edibles, List existing plants, make of list of those to plant (elderberry)




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