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Introduction to Strawbale and Cob Workshop

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Introduction to Strawbale & Cob !      June 7, 2009 Sunday 12 - 5 pm. 


Learn several practical natural building techniques in this hands-on introductory workshop:  

  • Make Cob (the basic earthen mix used for sculpting ovens, walls, benches).
  • Take home a small bag of the earthen mix so that you can make a model at home. 
  • Help construct a section of a Strawbale Wall 
  • Learn the basics of designing for strawbales, how to modify the size and "pin" the bales, identify earth, mix and apply earthen plasters..
  • Tour the natural buildings on site, including the thatched-roof Strawbale Studio.    


Cost: $40 or sliding scale if necessary. 

Located at the Strawbale Studio land in Oxford, MI.   


Following this workshop feel free to join in on the "Full Moon Potluck & Bonfire"  from 6 pm - 9 pm or later.

Visit the Calendar page for details. There is no charge for the Full Moon event, although donations are welcomed. Bring a dish to share for the potluck.  You can reserve a place to stay overnight if you wish, indoors or camping.  Register by phone or email & pay in advance (by mail or  Pay Pal) by May 31.


This workshop is being organized by Kris Kaul for her Meet Up Group.  If you are part of this group,  please register through the Meet Up. 

All others, register through the Strawbale Studio. 


FrontPage    Calendar     Diary    Building Projects    Links    www.strawbalestudio.org

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