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Locavore Eating!

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Eat like a Locavore - Focus on foods close to home for nutrition, conservation, and support for your local economy. Most foods Americans eat travel 1,500 miles before getting to your table. Foods, especially vegetables, start to lose nutritional value only One Hour after they are harvested. It's possible to get more punch and delicious taste out of veggies that are grown by local farmers, rather than veggies from large operations focusing on shipping quality. Eating locally is also a major benefit to your local economy.


Food, local to Oxford, MI


Three Roods Farm.  CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).  Buy a share and get organic produce 5 months a year from their farm. 

Hamshire Farms . Located in the "thumb", providing organic grains, seeds, flours, and wood-fired sourdough breads! 

Greenhouse Gardening . Regional dialogue on year-round growing in a greenhouse. 



Look at these sites for more information and help when trying to eat like a locavore.


Local Harvest .  Locate local food by typing in your zip code. 


Locavores.com - Web site of locavores in San Francisco


EatLocalChallenge.com - A blog from a group of local eaters with resources, information, updates, and tips.


100MileDiet.org - Local eating for global change. Focuses on the challenge of sourcing your food purchases within 100 miles of your home.


Vegan recipes and photos of meals.

We would need to check and see if the foods in these recipes are local.  I am not sure I agree with the idea of being ONLY vegan, but this website has an inspiring number of recipes with photos! Yum. 


News Arcitcle: Can Locavores help save the world?

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