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Marty in May

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-----Original Message-----

From: armadilloist@yahoo.com

To: ecoartdb@aol.com

Sent: Wed, 4 Apr 2007 11:11 AM

Subject: Interested in Strawbale Studio Natural Building Project



Dear Deanne,


my girlfriend and i are finishing up a month and half stay in Maryland, we've

decided to return to our hometown of MI for the regional gathering from may

11-20. We've worked on four differnet organic vegetable farms and are very

interested in further education on any aspects of biodynamics. We would love to

stop by for a visit and see if you need any help after the gathering around mid

may. Let me know if you would like me to send you our full resume.





Dear Marty,

Thanks for your interest in our wwoofing opportunity.

In May we will be working on the Kid's Cottage Natural Building Project at the Kensington Metropark Farm Center outside Milford Michigan, doing earth plasters, compressed earth blocks and wattle and daub interior wall on a strawbale/CEB hybrid building with a thatched roof.


If you are interested in that sort of experience, let me know. The land around the building is going to be developed into a natural area, with native plants and a variety of gardens. Your ideas and input would be welcomed toward the development of the design of this area.


We are just at the very beginning stage of biodynamic gardening at the Strawbale Studio, and I suspect you may have more experience than we do in this area. But if you are interested in learning about natural building during your time period, lets continue the conversation.


You can explore more about what is happening at www.strawbale.pbwiki.com under Calendar and Projects.



Deanne Bednar

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