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NEW YEARS EVE party in the Strawbale Studio

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December 31, 2007 ~ Enjoy the turning of the year by the warm glow of the woodstove in the enchanting Strawbale Studio. We will have an outdoor Cosmic Time Line ~ tracking our path back in time to the beginnings of our universe story, and indoors you can try your hand at some natural crafts if you wish.


$20 fundraising donation suggested to support the ongoing educational activities provided through the Strawbale Studio Natural Building Program.


6:30 pm Potluck. or arrive later in the evening, bringing finger food.


9:00 pm Cosmic Timeline. Expore it as a group ... or visit it on your own as you wish.


11:30 pm New Year Ceremony to acknowlege the passing of the old, and move into the new year. Consider your resolutions for the personal & planetary.


12:00 am Cheer to the New Year. Overnight accomodations available. Bring your own bedding and matress if possible. Some beds and cots available.



  • food to share.
  • BYO beverage.
  • your friends and family!


25 person limit. RSVP NOW! Call Deanne at 248 628 1887 and leave a message, or email: ecoartdb@gmail.com !


$20 Suggestion Donation to help sustain educational activities provided through the Strawbale Studio Natural Building Program.


For a tax-deductable donation, make your check payable to "SEEDS" with "for the purposes of the Strawbale Studio Natural Building Program" in the memo line. SEEDS, a non-profit organization is a feduciary sponsor. www.ecoseeds.org


Strawbale Studio

OXFORD, Michigan, USA - The thatched roof Strawbale Studio (SBS) and its Natural Building Education Program seeks to lower the ecological footprint of building practices by empowering others to take part in the construction and design of structures and supportive environments that are ecologically sustainable and beautiful. SBS has formed a fiduciary and outreach partnership with SEEDS to expand its educational capacity. Contact Coordinator, Deanne Bednar at Strawbale Studio. 248.628.1887 ecoartdb@gmail.com www.strawbalestudio.org .






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