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Reed Collection

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Reed Collection

for the Thatched Roof on the Kensington Kid’s Cottage


In January, February and March, 2007 we will be harvesting Phragmite reed grass which will be used to thatch the Kid's Cottage at the Kensington Metropark Farm. This wonderful outdoor adventure is fun and a great opportunity to be outdoors with others and learn a unique skill. We are planning to collect over multiple-day periods so that you could join us just for a day, or stay overnight and take part in a second or third day as well. P.S. In the spring you can help us thatch!


Collection Dates: If possible, please contact us a week in advance if you think you may be coming!


We will be collecting at various locations including Belle Isle (to be scheduled), Harson's Island and Macomb Co., Monroe, Michigan area. The Monroe sites are at the Nature Refuge areas at the DTE Energy Plants. Note: You will need to get us your social security number 48 hours in advance if you plan to collect at the Fermi plant. A flyer and directions to the Monroe sites are below.


Just a clarification on dates for collecting Phragmites…the dates we have scheduled to be at FERMI are:


Feb 6,7Tues, WedHarson's Island/Lake Erie
Feb 10 Sat Kensington area
Feb 12,13 Mon, TuesHarson's Island
Feb 14WedSt. Clair Co. Hayes and 23 Mile area
Feb 15,16Thur, FriMonroe, MI Fermi
Feb 17,18,19Fri, Sat, SunHarson's Island
Feb 21,(22),23,Wed, (Thur), FriMonroe, MI C
Feb(24),25,26,27Sat - TuesHarson's Island
Feb 28WedMonroe Plant, Fermi
March 1ThurMonroe, MI C
March 2,3,Fri, SatMonroe, MI Fermi


Help us set up more Reed Collection Dates in March -

Add your input on this evolving schedule: copy the info and dates below onto an email, and indicate which dates might work for you. Email or call in your responses to me: Deanne, ecoartdb@aol.com

home: 248 628 1887, cell: 248 496 4088.

****Include your name, email address and phone number so we can communicate.


Collection sites:

Monroe, DTE Coal Plant

Harson Island by Algonac

Kensington area

Other local areas


Helper potential:

(db)Deanne Bednar- Oxford, MI ( I will drive anywhere to cut)


Add your name above if you are available and initial the specific dates you might be able to harvest.

Tues mar 6

Wed Mar 7 db

Thurs Mar 8 db

Fri Mar 9 db

Sat Mar 10 db

Sun mar 11 db


Mon mar 12 db

Tues mar 13 db

Wed mar 14 db

Thur mar 15 db

Fri mar 16 DTE coal refuge Harson's Island db

Sat mar17 DTE coal refuge Harson's Island db

Sun mar 18 Kensington, Lynn, U of M db


Mon mar 19 db

Tues Mar 20 db

Wed Mar 21 db Matt? Dave S?

Thurs Mar 22 DTE Refuge db

Fri Mar 23 DTE Refuge db am only. Matt? Dave S?

Sat mar 24 db

Sun mar 25 Mike db

Mon mar 26

tues mar 27

wed mar 28

thurs mar 39

friday mar 30

sat mar 31


Call or email Deanne if you can collect in the above time period, or have questions:

248 496 4088 (cell) or 248 628 1887 (home).



Monroe Reed Collection Flyer. Print out this flyer.(Open in Publisher. Click ok, then enlarge to 100%.)


Monroe Power Plant Directions:

3500 E Front Street, Monroe, Michigan

I-75 to Front St., Exit 13

East on Front St to Power Plant check-point


Reed Collecting: What to Bring, Wear, and Expect!


Thatching information and Resources


Information on Phragmites, Reed Grass for Thatching


Lifespan of Thatched Roofs




What we hope to accomplish:

We will be collecting bundles of reeds in order to make a thatched roof on the Kensington Children’s Cottage. We hope to collect 10-15 bundles per person per day or 3 bundles per person per hour over a 5 hour work period. Plan to start work at 10:00 a.m. We will be at the collection site at 9:30 a.m. in case you can arrive a bit early. We will work in the morning, break for picnic lunch in the reed field and continue to work until about 5:00 p.m. Feel free to bring food for “snack breaks”.


What to Expect:

The collection area may be uneven and/or wet and weather conditions vary from sunny to cold, windy, snowy, etc. Please be prepared to stay warm and dry! Eye protection is required and we have a limited number of goggles available for use. Please remember: SAFETY FIRST while working. There are sharp, short reed sticking up in the collection area, so please move slowly and consciously when you bend over to cut reed. The ground may be uneven and areas may be wet with standing water or frozen with ice.


What to Wear: these are suggests that might be helpful :)

LAYERED and COMFORTABLE clothes to keep you Warm and Dry and Happy! Weather conditions will vary. If it’s sunny you may be able to work without a coat. However, it may become windy, cloudy, snowy, etc. PLEASE BE PREPARED!

Feet: Wear warm (preferably wool) socks, warm boots (preferably oversized and waterproof at the bottom few inches). Snow mobile boots are excellent and can usually be found cheaply at a place like Kmart. Oversized boots keep feet warmer than tight boots.

Bring an extra pair of boots and socks if possible. There could be standing water in the marshy areas if things are not solidly frozen. Please be prepared to encounter for a few inches of water. We will try to find optional cutting areas for those whose boots do not have waterproofing on the first few inches.


Legs: Wear insulated ski pants over comfortable stretchy pants such as sweat suit bottoms. (Joes’ Army/Navy Store at Pontiac on M59 West of Telegraph has great things to keep you warm and dry). Layer up! Try wearing long underwear, several layers of sweat bottoms, or wind breaker pants over sweats. Blue jeans are the WORST for cold.

You can always cool down by taking off layers.


Body: Layer up, and include wool if you can. A turtle neck shirt will help to keep the neck warm. Consider wearing something wool or a sweat shirt with a hood over the shirt. Coats with hoods are great. Wind-breaking coats are good too.


Head: Hats, hoods, face masks and scarves are great if it gets cold or windy.

Gloves: Bring a few pair of gloves. Thinner gloves or leather/suede gloves work well if it’s not so cold. They also give greater flexibility and grip the reed cutter handles better. Thicker gloves or mittens are great to have on hand too in case the weather turns suddenly colder.


FOOD and Drinks:

Bring your own water, and if you wish, some hot drink in a thermos.

Bring your own food for Lunch (picnic) out in the reed field. For supper, we usually go out to eat locally at a restaurant.

What to Bring:

Bottled water

Thermos with hot drink

Picnic lunch


Safety glasses

Extra waterproof boots to share

Backpack or cloth sack to keep you things together

Sleeping bag and personal items if you are staying overnight

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