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Registration form

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There are two ways to register for a workshop listed below

After registering, please call and leave a message indicating your name, phone number and which workshop you are signing up for. 



  • 1) Send a deposit ~  or payment in full ~ to PayPal by clicking on the donation button below. 

* If the Donate button doesn't work for you, then you can go to paypal.com, sign in and send a payment to "ecoartdb@gmail.com". 




             then 2) Email or Snail Mail the Registration Information below to Deanne Bednar


    • 1) Send a deposit, or payment in full, to the PO Box address below and
    • 2) Include the following Registration Information with the payment or by email. 


       ** A phone call to 248 628 1887 indicating that you have registered would be appreciated. **



    Requested Registration Information: 

    (See current workshop schedule for information, deposits, and prices)


    __ Enroll me in a the following workshop

    • Workshop Title:
    • Workshop Date(s)
    • Workshop Location:
    • Your Name:
    • Your Email:
    • Your Phone/s:
    • Your address:
    • Payment form: Paypal __ mailing a check __or money order__ or cash or check at the door __.


    I have enclosed a Deposit ____ or a Full Payment ____


    __ $10 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit (I or 2 day workshop)

    __ $50 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit (3-6 day workshop)

    __ $100 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit (7 days or longer )


    __ $_________ FULL PAYMENT. (which includes the non-refundable deposit)

    <span style="font-family: Arial;" _mce_style="font-family: Arial;"><strong>
     DISCOUNTS:  </strong>See Workshop Description to see if these discounts <em>may </em>apply.   </span>

    "Early Bird" Discount 20% OFF class fee, if paid by the "Early Bird" date listed on the workshop info. page.

    "Bring-a-Friend" Discount.  10% Off for each person for yourself and each person you bring. 



    __  I'd like to do a partial Work-trade for this workshop (up to 50% of the cost).  
     __  I'd like to learn more about becoming a Strawbale Studio Intern.       <strong> </strong>



    PAYMENT OPTIONS:  (Note the prices shown are U.S. dollars)

    • Postal money orders. Money orders MUST be POSTAL money orders from a U.S. Post Office
    • Checks ~ payable to Deanne Bednar
    • PayPal 


    Total Enclosed: $ ________________

    Payment form:  ___ Money Order,  ___ Check,  ___ PayPal


    • Email to <ecoartdb@gmail.com> 
    • or send by snail mail to

              Deanne Bednar, Strawbale Studio Natural Building, PO Box 733, Oxford, MI USA  48371 


    Home  Calendar    Diary    Building Projects    Links    www.strawbalestudio.org




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