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Work Trade : Short term ~ work trade in exchange for workshop fees.  See below. 

Internship:  2 week to several months ~ hands-on learning and all workshops during that time. 

Intern Scholarship:  Hands-on learning & and all workshops during that time,  plus 15 hours/week toward support tasks. 


Work Trade Days: 

Come and join the Strawbale Studio Team in a variety of outdoor and indoor activities ! 

Call for the current schedule.  


Worktrade Scholarship:  

The Strawbale Studio Natural Building Program would like to make our educational opportunies available, regardless of financial abilities. You may recieve a scholarship to do a Worktrade to cover up to 50% of the course fee, for those who qualify.  We strongly encourage those who qualify for a scholarship to do worktrade, however there may be exceptions. For people who can demonstrate that worktrade is not an option for them, a full scholarship may be available.


Worktrade activites may involve a range of things such as maintenance of indoor and outdoor areas, preparation for workshops, and office work.  We would be interested in knowing your skills that may apply.  Worktraders are requested to have a sense of humor, flexibility and initiative! 


We will provide $10 of scholarship credit for each hour of work trade performed, up to 50% of the cost of the workshop.



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