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Reskilling Weekends ~Sustainable Living Skills

Page history last edited by Deanne Bednar 10 years, 6 months ago

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                              Sustainablity Festival ~ The Joy of Re-skilling !


Here are our ideas to date!  Can you add others?  Email Deanne: ecoartdb@gmail.com


Weekend-long starting on Friday evening with scheduled events and options.

Access to library with natural building and sustainability resources.

Activities & options including workshops, hands-on building, bonfire, access to library of natural building and sustainability books & videos, movie night and bonfires. 

Core teachers, with opportunities for participants to share their skills as well.

Cooking: sign up to share in meal preparation with one or two people as organizers

Meals can be part of the learning experience, demonstrating fermenting, bread-making, Injira Sponge Bread, sprouting, foraging. Solar cooking, solar drying, cold storage, earth storage. 

Q:  All women?  All ages & families?  A series of classes every 6 weeks? 


The following might be all in one event, or parts of it spread out in a series. 



  • Natural Building skills:  Design, hands-on construction on current projects, earth plaster / sculpting.

       (preceeded by "coffee testing" ?)

  • Small Structures .  Sarah share her Little House idea.  Deanne: solar, strawbale & pattern language. 
  • Food preservation: solar drying, fermenting, canning. Ruth: sauer kraut & kim chi.  Kombucha. 
  • Energy-saving cooking: solar cooker, hay box & insulated cooking, pressure cooking, pre-soaking.  Permaculture Gardening: Lazangna Sheet Mulching, indoor worm composting & outdoor composting    (Presentation by Jared on worm composting/ PC gardening)
  • Evenings: musician(s) scheduled for 1/2 hour presentation inside house, Strawbale Studio or bonfire.  Movie night.  
  • Locavita game.  Green Map your neighborhood.  Community Skill Mapping.  
  • Other Re-skills possibilities: tanning hides, drum heads, edible wilds workshop, introduction to permaculture, rustic furniture making. Exploring uses of Phragmite reed grass.l  Felt-making.

Reskilling Resources

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