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Small Structure Design  construction details

Page history last edited by Deanne Bednar 10 years, 6 months ago

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Design Charette

A gathering is being planned to create several prototype designs of small natural buildings which could be built in this climate, and adjusted to meet numerous needs (such as cottage, chicken coup, garden shed)


Folks interested in the design process to date: Architects Fred McLaughlin, Lansing, Dave Sebolt, Ann Arbor, Jim and Stephanie Wood, White Lake, Deanne Bednar. 


A presentation would then be offered to share this information: 


"Small Structure" Presentation

Participants will learn

  • Several types of small building construction applicable to this bioregion.
  • Design concepts:  Solar orientation, thermal gain & mass, Pattern Language.
  • Options for materials:  Wall construction of strawbale, pallets, other.  Roofing materials.  Dimensional and foraged round timber.  Types of wood. 
  • Types of Structures:  chicken coop, sauna, playhouse, guest cottage, tool shed, garden shed. 
  • Building Techniques for walls: pallet, wattle & daub, strawbale, cob. 



Books on small buildings will be display (and possibly for sale).  Videos about small & natural buildings. 

Designs presented will be available online, as handouts and in a Powerpoint slideshow. 







    Embedded video from CNN Video



Pallet House


Strawbale & corwood Sauna 

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