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Fairy Forest

Page history last edited by Deanne Bednar 10 years, 10 months ago

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Date to be determined.  (Add picture of children, wheel barrow outside Strawbale Studio. )


This is a workshop designed for families to reconnect with our natural skills in building. 

In this workshop you will experience real (and enchanting) natural buildings on site by touring the Strawbale Studio, the Spiral Chamber & the scaled-down Kid's Cottage (under construction) !  Then we will get our hands in the dirt, learning to make an earthen mix from local subsoil, and creating little Fairy Houses in a small wooded area.  The houses can be left so that little animals (or fairies) can inhabit them! 


Up until about 100 years ago, all our anscestors built their own homes.  So all this comes naturally to us.

It is a natural pleasure to create from foraged materials, creating our own shelters.  Bring your children and join in on a day of exploration. 


Bring a snack for your family.  Tea & coffee will be provided.






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