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Felt making

Page history last edited by Deanne Bednar 10 years, 10 months ago

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FELTING with a bicycle! 

These are photos from the 2009 felting workshop.  2010 workshop is being planned. 


Slideshow from 2009 felting workshop (above)


Photos and description of 2009 workshop by participant Mike Ross, on his natural building website.


Workshop decription from previous workshop.  The content of this year's felting workshop would be similar. 


1 - 6 pm followed by an potluck supper. 

"Learn how to make felt with a bicycle! (you can adapt this to your motorcycle, car, or camel.) We are going to show you how to prepare wool to be felted in large lengths. This type of felting is a rolling method used by the nomadic tribes of Mongolia to create covers for their yurts. . Stay on into the evening if you can and we can dance the night away on top of another batch of wool which will eventually turn into felt from the friction and heat our feet will create! This form of felting is called the rubbing method which originates from the Nordic culture. Our goal is to cover the interior stone wall in the Strawbale Studio ~ which will help insulate the lower 2 feet of the structure for the winter." 


You can stay overnight and on into Monday if you would like to continue with the process. 


$25 per person or sliding scale as needed. 



After this workshop is scheduled you can

REGISTER for this workshop by calling Deanne at 248 628 1887  or email ecoartdb@gmail.com.

 Also click on Registration link above for information and payment options.  For more questions, call Deanne.


Further Large Felt Resources

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