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Green Map presentation June 25, 2010

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TWO Detroit Green Map PRESENTATIONS  June 25, 2010


Detroit Social Forum

Detroit Green Map is highlighted at the major event, the US Social Forum. Find sites charted by this diverse network at OpenGreenMap.org/detroitmetro. During the US Social Forum, there will be a workshop on June 25 that includes global perspectives from our Director and speakers including WeAct’s Charles Callaway on the environmental justice and ‘green faith’ Harlem EcoMappers project (click and scroll to an insightful video). In addition, Detroiters Deanne Bednar, Jacob Stevens Corvidae and Lois Robbins will share their vision for their hometown Green Map and help everyone take part! Following the workshop, this Detroit local effort will surely continue to grow in importance.


June 25 - Green Solutions That Work for Business, Jobs and Home

8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. 


2:15-3:00  Wendy Brawer-Green Mapping for community  (3rd session)
OCC Royal Oak Campus - Building D - 2nd Floor
Breakout Session Topics: Real Jobs Now, Green Business Start-UP Guide, Saving Big Energy Bucks, Educations Link to Future Jobs, Auto Electric - The Real Deal & Green Construction - A Reality. For more information visit www.oaklandcc.edu/ce/GreenSolutions

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