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Wisconsin Natural Building and Comnmunity meetup

Page history last edited by Deanne Bednar 13 years, 8 months ago

What: 4th Annual Southeastern Wisconsin Rural Landowner Workshop Nov, 6th 2010



Log into the CNBMG site and check out the "FILES" tab. I uploaded an image created from a PDF that shows a cross section of the garden wall. There is also a smaller image below it that shows the site layout. Please feel free to comment under the "Ideas" area, include any suggestions/concerns you may have.

I would like to also mention that I will be posting info for a University of Wisconsin Madison Extension training day coming up Nov. 6th in Bristol Wisconsin (Kenosha County) 94 North to Hwy 50 west, to corner of Rt. 45 and Hwy 50, maybe 30 minutes past the Lake Forest Oasis. They will be covering all sorts of cool stuff from back yard bee keeping to wind and solar energy for your home! They will also serve lunch and have an attached farmer's market. The sign up fee for the day is only $20.00! That includes lunch! There is even a class on keeping goats and how to start a small scale business with them! Email me or look on the calendar for more info!

I will be making the wall workshops up as soon as obtain my last permit. If you are interested in possibly coming, please be sure and leave a comment for me in the "IDEAS" area.

Thanks for reading this and please don't forget to comment - it helps me get a feel for the current level of interest.

Best Regards,

Peter P.


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