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2010 Activities  Pictures

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In 2010

the Strawbale Studio

Natural Building & Sustainable Living Program provided  educational events and hands-on training to individuals, families & home-schooling teenagers through tours, workshops, weekly programs, internships & volunteer activities. wider audience is reached by presentations, exhibits & publicity such as the Strawbale Studio website and listserve.  2010 INTERNSHIP


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Activities included







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Home   Calendar   Diary   Building Projects    Links    www.strawbalestudio.org

 Description of Tours, Presentations, Exhibits, Workshops & Programs, Full Moon Events, Internships.





Reweaving the Web of Life

"Deep the Love, the love that calls us on" as we seek the fullness and wholeness of Life. 

"Deep the wounds between us and earth, and deep the love that calls us on."

                                          Carolyn McDade


From our love of life we seek to reweave and live in dynamic harmony. I see many

details, small pieces: foraging plants on the land, learning the qualities of natural building materials here on the land, exploring permaculture,  linking these activities to the interweaving of community & the flow of "green energy" (economy).

I am a person of details within a larger vision.  I want to know the plants that grow here, how to bring them into my life, share this information and love. 


In 2010 the Strawbale Studio


Natural Building & Sustainable Living Program  responded to the call of these times with integrative activities which seek seek to reweave the fabric of life, reconnecting people and nature.  


While workshops & education in natural building skills have continued, the Strawbale Studio program is deepening its involvement with local food & material sources, Green Mapping, Transition Initiative and Permaculture movements.  2010 has also been a year of deepening collaborations with the Michigan Green Team, a number of Detroit organizations, and local folks.   Interns, from around the US & the world, who come to help & learn at the Strawbale Studio are also reaching out to the larger community by assisting with exhibits, off and on-site classes, attending sustainability meetings, and helping with projects including the Natural Building Colloquium East, Three Roods Farm CSA and the Imagination Station in Detroit.  A great thanks to Will Rex who has facilitated many of these connections.


2011 Goals are to collaborate with others to . . .

           network, provide education & initiate projects.

           Completion of Buildings & their surroundings at the Strawbale Studio

           Explore & apply Permaculture Principles to the land & structures.   

  • Finish the structures on this land, and their surroundings to provide outstanding tours and programing.
  • Nurture a vital connection to Detroit projects & connections. 
  • Support the evolution of a regional natural building network, possible 2012 Natural Building Colloquium & eco-city natural building school for the purpose of sharing knowledge, promoting businesses and helping organize natural building workshops. 
  • Create classes to develop skills in natural building, renovation & a sustainable living --and explore how these skills can help develop local economy & cottage industry. 
  • Host a Permaculture Design Course in 2011 or 2012.  Jared Bogdonov-hanna will do Permaculture classes here, in collaboration with herbalist Jim McDonald and Deanne Bednar. 
  • Host 3-5 day sessions to build & test prototypes (of such things as a pocket rocket stove) and research cottage industries, such as collection & sale of phragmite reed,  cuminating in a weekend workshop to share our findings.  
  • Partner with a local university to "teach teachers" (who need to get continuing educational credit hours) ways to teach about sustainability. Develop connections & classes.  Implement in 2012. 
  • Explore the construction of a strawbale home in Detroit in partnership with Habitat for Humanity - with the support of national experts such as Laura Bartels & David Eisenberg.
  • Create a strawbale chicken coop manual & workshop, complete with plans that can be used to construct with local & recycled materials.  Plans can be expanded to create small buildings for a variety of purposes. Utilize the Strawbale Construction Facilitator's Manual from Builders Without Borders. 











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