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Tax Deductible Donation

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 2013 End of Year Report and Pictures                                             www.strawbalestudio.org     


Tax-deductible Donations

  • Make your tax-deductible donation checks payable to "SEEDS" *
  • Write "For the purposes of the Strawbale Studio Natural Building Program"  on the Memo Line of the check. 
  • Send to: Deanne Bednar, P.O. Box 733, Oxford, MI 48371  (It will be forwarded to SEEDS)
  • If you would like to know if your check was received, include your name and contact information and I will send a acknowledgement (by mail, phone or email, as you request).
  • Donations can also be made through Pay Pal, but are not tax-deductible. 

Thanks so much for your contribution which makes this unique and significant work possible.


*  The Strawbale Studio Natural Building Educational Program (SBS) is being sponsored by SEEDS, a non-profit which Seeks Environmental and Ecological Design Solutions. www.ecoseeds.org. The Strawbale Studio Program has formed a fiduciary and outreach partnership with SEEDS to expand its educational capacity.


Mission: The Strawbale Studio Natural Building Education Program seeks to lower the ecological footprint of building practices by empowering others to take part in the construction and design of structures and supportive environments that are ecologically sustainable and beautiful.


Your contribution will be used to provide natural building and related sustainability education through workshops, publicity and outreach, exhibits and presentations on and off site .  If you prefer, you may have your contribution support a specific part of the program (partially or in full), see the choices below. 


  1. Scholarships for participants to receive training through workshops and internships. ($40 supports for one day, $250 for one week)
  2. Heating for the Strawbale Studio ~ making it comfortable and useful for year-round tours & programing: The next step is building a Jean Pain style COMPOST HEAT FURNACE; radiant floor electronics ($750 for electric line trenching and pump) Hot water tubing has been installed and funding for the hot water heater has been donated. For safety,  a new high efficiency wood stove would be welcomed. (stove, pipes, installation $2700). 
  3. Fieldtrips & programing for urban youth. ($25 provides transportation, tour & workshop for 1 youth). 
  4. Exhibits & Presentations.  $50 provides transportation, hand-outs and other costs for a day-long free presentation to the public.  
  5. Publicity: printing of 500 copies of the bookmark with basic information about programing and the website ($100). 
  6. Emergency and refugee housing. Through the use of the Builders Without Borders training manual, individuals can learn the basics of shelter. ($100 provides a student manual and a 3 day course)

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