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Art Classes

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Art classes   

                 Instructor: Deanne Bednar, Middle School Art teacher, 1968 - 1996

                                  Natural Building & Sustainability Skills 1997 - present.

                 1-2 hr classes.  $10- $15 per person/class                    


DIRECT CONNECT ~ projects made from nature. 

Earth objects. 

            Little gnome faces with sheep wood hair.

Pouches, sacred objects

 Wool duster

Walking Stick  Find, carve, decorate.   

Cording, lashing

Matt with reed grass and string

Cob sculptures

            Collected items

Dream Catcher

Fairy house or Earthen Model

Strawbale bench

Ink from walnut husks & pen from reed grass

Felting a ball, hot pad.

Earthen Rocket Stove ? 

Round pole, chisel, drill. 

Sand painting with different earths, plants.



Global Ecovillage (group sculpts a model on plywood)

     Pattern Language

Community Design. Draw a Fun & Fair Design:

     Passive Solar Houses,  Renewable Energy

     Food, water, fun.

Create a park with no motors  Add houses & food.



Painted trees with pastel sky

Water brush with charcoal / pastel.  (make own charcoal)

Interwoven Drawing (Celtic Designs, old art slides?)

Wall Sculpture on plywood.

Pastel stencil cards

Drawing on the right side of the Brain

Draw or sculpt a face.

Learn Perspective



Undo a sweater, make yarn, make a dish cloth. Rachel teach us.

Paper Nesting Boxes.   Origami-like.  

Sox from old sweaters. Design, cut & sew. 

Tree Sculptures with paper clay.  Ed.

Cover and decorate a match box



Ruth, Jen,

Kiko’s book.

Art Files

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