2011 Report and Pictures !


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     The Strawbale Studio

    Natural Building & Sustainable Skills Program

      ~  joyfully re-weaving nature & people ~

In 2011 the Strawbale Studio provided


                            See the 2011 Schedule & SLIDE SHOW below !





Activities included 


  • The Oxford Kid’s Cottage rocket stove, perimeter trench/drywell, floor insulation, earth plasters
  • The Spiral Chamber,  finishing thatching . 
  • New Wood Shelter.  Lashed & notched pole structure, phase 1 of the living roof. 
  • Several "fort building" activities with students (Tall Trees Community Farm &Upland Hills School Fundraiser)
  • Fundraising Concerts in the Strawbale Studio




Continuing use of the Smilling Sun earth oven, winter greenhouse










THANKS to all those who helped support this work over the years,

and for the opportunity to serve through these activities!




Deanne Bednar

248 628 1887  ecoartdb@gmail.com


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