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New Economics

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From: New Economics Institute <neweconomics@neweconomicsinstitute.org>
Date: Thu, Dec 29, 2011 at 3:51 PM
Subject: Practical Optimism
To: greenfirecenter@gmail.com

Dear Dick  Hogan

New Economics Institute board, staff, and interns have spent the weeks since
the Schumacher Lectures on two projects for launch in 2012.

The first is ³Strategies for a New Economy² -- a conference at Bard College,
in Annandale-on-Hudson, NY, June 8-10, 2011.  There will be 12 conference
tracks each with 7 workshops and special guest plenary speakers.

The track themes represent the positive spirit of the conference and the
optimism that a new kind of economy, reflecting our highest aspirations as a
people, is possible.

1.  Visioning and Modeling the New Economy: Shared Prosperity within
Planetary Limits
2.  Measuring Well Being: Alternative Indicators of Wealth and Progress
3.  Banking and Financing a New Economy: Scale, Criteria, Innovation
4.  Re-building Local Economies:  Engines for Resilience
5.  Re-imagining Ownership: Coops, Stakeholders, Corporate Structure
6. Transforming Money: Structuring, Issuing, and Valuing New Mediums of
7.  Sharing the Commons: Identifying, Allocating, and Restoring
8.  Messaging a New Economy: Education, Media, Public Campaigns
9.  Forging Justice for All: Economic Security, Equity, and Jobs in the New
10. Empowered Youth: Mandating a New Economy
11. Responsive Government for a New Economy: Politics as if People and
Planet Mattered
12. Moving Beyond Consumerism: Plentitude, Sufficiency, and Mindful

Each theme will have its own website with resource material reflecting some
of the most innovative new thinking and experimentation in the field.
Conference registration opens mid-January.  Conference workshops will be
videoed and added to the web pages to further develop what will be a
permanent resource of videos, papers, projects, and organizational links
representing the best strategies for a new economy.

Related to this is the Global Transition Initiative ‹ a project to organize
civil society engagement in shaping and promoting a new economics agenda at
the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development planned for Rio,
Brazil at the end of June.


Working in partnership with Stakeholder Forum and new economics foundation
in London, the New Economics Institute's role will be to highlight actual
projects on the ground that are pointing the way to a new economics,
building momentum and possibility.  The vehicle for this will be an
interactive online map now under construction.  The map will be searchable
by location, time line, type of project and will provide background material
on how these projects connect and together form the building blocks of a new
economy.  New Economics Institute staff will populate the map with North
American examples, but will give access to partner groups in other parts of
the world to add projects from their regions.  The goal is to have 2012
projects mapped by the Rio conference.

Ambitious and involving a range of organizations and initiatives, this
project is garnering a great deal of excitement.  The public launch will be
at a New York City media event in March.  The map will show visually how
citizens are not waiting for governments to regulate change in the economic
system.  The need is urgent and solutions are being created region by region
to shape a more just and sustainable economy.  A movement is building;
transition is inevitable.

Membership support is a critical part of our yearly funding, enabling us to
engage in such projects.  You can make donations online at:


Or by check or BerkShares to New Economics Institute, 140 Jug End Road,
Great Barrington, MA 01230.

Thank you,
Staff and Interns of the New Economics Institute:

Jing Cao, Hannah Friendman, Samir Hafez, Camille Goulding, Scott Grimm-Lyon,
Katharine Millonzi, Carina Millstone, Dmitriy Oziransky, and Sana Rafiq
New York City Office

Gregory Barber, Susan Ingersoll, Nicholas Kacher, Kevin Wang, and Susan Witt
Berkshire Office and Library

Board of Directors: Gar Alperovitz, Jessica Brackman, Eric Harris-Braun,
John Fullerton, Neva Goodwin, Hildegarde Hannum, Dan Levinson, Richard
Norgaard, David Orr, Will Raap, Gus Speth, Peter Victor, Stewart Wallis, and
Tim Wirth.
Advisory Board: Peter Barnes, Merrian Goggio Borgeson, Bill McKibben, Otto
Scharmer, Doug Tompkins, and Robert Wade.

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