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The extraction of natural gas from 1000s of feet below the ground using pressurized water with chemicals, including benzene and other carcinogens to cause small earthquakes, fractures in the shale.  Concerns range from toxic chemicals in the ground water, destabilization of the earth, release of methane gases, the legal loophole that exempts companies from following environmental regulations and responsibilities, and laws that force people to sell their resource rights whether they want to or not.  Yikes ! There is a movement in Michigan and worldwide to prevent this, to preserve the future integrity of our life-sustaining environment.  You can google information about Michigan and fracking.  "Gasland" ~ the trailer, is a short video about the movie on the subject. 


I haven't gotten engaged in a cause like this for some years...I like to stick to the positive solutions, but this is getting my attention ! Are we willing to really take a look at our values before we use our technologies?  The whole energy issue is calling us to really really rethink things, eh? 

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