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Learn how to design & construct super efficient cooking & heating stoves. 


Register now to save your place in these workshops lead by Ernie & Erica Weisner,

 experts in Rocket Stove technology & construction from Oregon! 


August 25    “Pocket Rocket” Construction, Detroit, MI

  August 26     “Rocket Stove”   Principles & Experiments – Oxford, MI

                 Details & Registration below ! 





Full Pay       $65 for 1 day…   $100 for both days  
Reduced fee, $25 for 1 day…     $50 for both days
Extra donations - to help cover costs -- is appreciated !



* Private Consultations with Ernie & Erica are also available.
                                     Call or email: cell 503-807-6212 eritter@gmail.com    




                   for Emergency Heating & Cooking

                        Saturday, August 25, 2012
                                       held at
9:30a – 5p        Spirit Hope Church & Urban Farm
                              1519 Martin Luther King Drive  Detroit, MI 48208

5:30p – 8:30p  Dr. Bob’s for a TOUR & Food for sale at the Golden Gate Café

                               18700 Woodward Ave. Detroit, MI 48203 4 blocks south of 7 mile Rd. 

During the day we will be constructing a “Do-it-yourself Pocket Rocket wood stove” as an emergency heater or cooker.
This technology burns all the fuel as cleanly as possible. We will also lay up an outdoor Rumford Fireplace.
Bring your own materials if you want to take one home. * 


   The basic materials for you to bring if you want to take home a stove of your own: 

         - 6' of 6" ducting.  This would be stovepipe.  6 feet of it...s inches in diameter.  
         - 5 gallon steel bucket with a lid. 

     Other things you could bring -- 
      - A steel bucket or small barrel, with matching metal lid (about 3 gallons up to 30+ gallons, no aluminum please.  Non-galvanized preferred.)
      - Two or three pieces of stovepipe or similar steel pipe, 4" or larger diameter.  One piece a little shorter than the bucket, one or two pieces taller.
      - Tinsnips, grinder, or other metal-cutting tools, and gloves
      - Newspaper and kindling (many uses - a good supply of paper helps burn off the paint cleanly with minimal pollution)
      - Clay slip or muddy water (for cleaning up paint fumes during initial burn.)
      - Sand or bricks to set pocket rockets on while burning
      - Baling wire or natural twine for cinching things together (synthetics burn nasty)

It is possible to build smaller cookstoves using variously-sized steel food cans, but these are not as impressive or clean-burning as the larger pocket rockets.


For the evening, we will Carpool to Dr. Bob’s to see examples of functioning Rocket Stove Heated Bench & a Rumford Fireplace retrofit.Enjoy a meal at the Golden Gate café if you wish to purchase their wonderful food.

9:30 a – 12 noon   SLIDESHOW
                               HANDS-ON DEMO of an outdoor Rumford Fireplace.
Noon lunch            Bring your own bag lunch, or buy a meal from Spirit Hope ($5)

1p – 5p                  DEMO OF Pocket Rocket Construction (small efficient cook/heat stove made from reused can or barrel)
                              Bring your own materials if you want to take one home.  

5:30 – 8:30 pm      TOUR.  Carpool to Dr. Bob’s18700 Woodward Ave. Detroit, MI 48203 (S of  7 mile Rd.)


See a ROCKET STOVE HEATED BENCH, an efficient RUMFORD FIREPLACE retrofit in a regular fireplaceand a COB WALL under construction. 

                        Bring your own food or snack or …..
                            FOOD is available to purchase at the Golden Gate Cafe
                                      soup $5, salad $4 - 7, veggie sandwiches $7, stirfry $10 .
                                          drinks, $3, smoothies $5, pizza whole $12, slice $3
                               Help support this community café with your purchase !
Overnight accommodations (rustic) are available at the Strawbale Studio on Saturday night:   some beds, cots & camping spaces. Reserve your space now with Deanne (below).
First come First Serve. Bring your own bedding & towels if you can.

                  “DIRTY SECRETS OF CLEAN FIRE”

                       SUNDAY AUG 26, 2012  10a – 5p

                                     at the
          Strawbale Studio -- 2691 Noble Rd., Oxford, MI 48370  
           Directions:www.strawbale.pbworks.com/go  www.strawbalestudio.org

           Contact Deanne 248 628 1887 or cell 248 496 4088 or ecoartdb@gmail.com


9:30 - 5p   AGENDA

30 min - 1 hr. Recap of Saturday, bring people up to speed.
3 hr    Design principles and hands-on experimentation on how to make stoves burn efficiently.  

           POTLUCK LUNCH   Bring food or a snack to share for lunch.
2 hr    Look at what we have, compare stoves on site, and suggest improvements:
           Pocket Rocket Cooking Stove, The Totem Rocket Stove Heated Bench, Kids
           Cottage Heated Bench under construction, two Earth Ovens.

Full Pay       $65 for 1 day…   $100 for both days  
Reduced fee, $25 for 1 day…     $50 for both days
Extra donations - to help cover costs -- is appreciated !

* Private Consultations with Ernie & Erica are available.
                                     Call or email: cell 503-807-6212 eritter@gmail.com    




Below is information from Ernie & Erica.  



Hello everyone,
We have a full schedule for our trans- North American tour this summer and fall.  
We need to confirm details with our hosts, and get busy spreading the word so everyone has a great workshop.

I've copied all the hosts to introduce you to each other (and BCC'd a few other interested parties like the private clients below).

Look forward to seeing you soon.


2012 Workshop Itinerary:

Western States 

June 8-10: Reno, NV - Rocket Mass Heater (full installation in existing farm building; hosts are experienced permaculture teachers.) - Neil Bertrando & Loping Coyote - "Neil Bertrando" <neilbertrando@gmail.com>, "sarah rosenbloom" <rosenbloom.sm@gmail.com>, (775)771-1833)
July 6-8: Riverside, WA - Rocket Mass Heater (full installation in existing cabin; primitive camping by a lovely mountain lake - Chris West, coyotespath@hotmail.com509-522-8541)
July 14-15: Skagit Valley WA -- Earthen Oven (hand-building over sand mold, on a lovely herb farm - Jessica @ Harmony Fields Farm, hfproduce@gmail.com,

(July 21-22: Seattle, WA - Homebuilt Boats Festival - Center for Wooden Boats, www.cwb.org)

Rockies to Great Lakes
(August 4: Missoula, MT - Local site planning and Missoula Farmer's Market)
August 7: Private site visit, northern Minnesota

August 9-12: Ely, Minnesota - Rocket Mass Heater (semi-private installation with canoe-camping options; contact Ron if interested -  <filterdrum@yahoo.com>)

August 17-19: Sleepy Hollow, Michigan - Rocket Mass Heater (multiple demonstration projects using farm/junkyard technology - Susana Villareal-Quintela segareiner@mutualdata.com

August 25-26: Detroit, Michigan - Pocket Rockets and Emergency Heat (Deanne Bednar and the Straw Bale Studio crew - ecoartDB@gmail.com 248 628 1887)

(August 29-30: Possible private site in Detroit area)

Mid-Atlantic to New England
September 7-9: Pittsburgh, PA - Rocket Mass Heaters (backyard prototype build, possible installation) - Nancy Martin-Silber <nancym@ccicenter.org> and Isaac Hill (BCC'd)
September 14-16: Yestermorrow, Vermont - (prototyping and demonstration) - Dan Eckstein - www.yestermorrow.org, search under "Rocket"
(September 22-23: Maine Country Faire (Common Ground Faire))
September 28-30: NewForest Institute - Rocket Mass Heater (full installation at a lovely green educational site) - Lisa Packard <lisa@newforestinstitute.org>

Eastern Canada and Back to the Rockies
October 4-8: Fredericton NB, Canada (semi-private intensive) - thebeemidwife@gmail.com

(October 14-15: Possible private visit in PEI / possible Columbia, MO area workshop)
October 26-28: Missoula, MT: Rocket Mass Heaters for Flexible Lifestyles: the Wheaton Portable Rocket Mass Heater, Rumford's Radiant Fireplace, and Rocket Canning / Turkey Fryer Stove. Paul Wheaton,paul@richsoil.com;
 for registration call Caleb: 406-529-0886

For details about the workshop content, or to ask for a private consultation en route, please contact Ernie and Erica Wisner, 503-807-6212questions@ErnieAndErica.info.  This schedule and workshop details are also available on the website at http://www.ErnieAndErica.info/upcoming_workshops