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2012 Slideshow and Report

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2012 Report and Photos

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        joyfully reweaving nature & people        


        * 2012 schedule 

       *  2012 Full Report 


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  In 2012 ... Strawbale Studio provided ... 


  •  hands-on training ~    through classes, building projects, volunteer opportunities, an Internship Program and new 2 week course with 4 instructors. 
  • a chance to experience enchanting, sustainable living ~  through tours of the buildings & grounds  week-Long work-shops, and concerts in the Strawbale Studio
  • off-site projects & activities at regional locations & eco-fairs.   Deanne also co-taught at Cob Cottage Cottage in Oregon & at the Natural Building Colloqium East in NY.
  • community gatherings & networking ~ through monthly full moon potlucks, regional networking events such as The Oakland Co. Permaculture Meetup.
  • educational outreach ~ through the Strawbale Studio website, listserve. and printed/web-based publicity.  

      2012 Full Report  



Activities included ....

  • Living Roof  Phase 2, soil & plantings.  
  • Thatching Workshop at Kinstone, WI  
  • New Rocket Outdoor Cookstove
  • Rumford Fireplace completion.    
  • The Natural Cottage Project: - during this 2 week workshop with 4 instructors, a Retreat Cabin was built !
  • New Retreat Cabin, phase 1 -foundation, timberframe, strawbale walls, beginning plasters
  • Fundraising Concert in the Strawbale Studio for a Land Conservency. 
  • All Activities in 2012



                                                                                         THANKS to all those who helped support this work over the years,

            Consider making a tax-deductible donation                    and for the opportunity to serve through these activities!




                                                                                     Deanne Bednar

                                                                                         248 628 1887  ecoartdb@gmail.com




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