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Calendar information

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FULL MOON  Bonfire & Potluck  Monthly on the full moon.


 Join in on this free event which happens each full moon.  OR create a FULL MOON gathering in YOUR OWN NEIGHBORHOOD ! 


 Click here ...for more Full MOON Bonfire/Potluck INFORMATION.


 Enchanted Evening in the Strawbale Studio


Consider scheduling an event  for your group.


Gather a group of folks and come enjoy a lovely, simple meal in the studio by candlelight. Hang around the woodstove and chat... relax on the earthen benches... receive  a tour....browse natural building resources...or wander the woods. Together we can evolve the details of this enchanting evening event. Contact Deanne  248.628.1887 or ecoartdb@gmail.com.

  • Enjoy wine & hor'devours of your choice, with a background of music & wood stove.  $200 plus cost of refreshments. 
  • Enjoy a simple, natural meal of staple and foraged foods traditionally eaten this time of year. $350  plus food costs for up to 6 people.
  •  Rent the strawbale Studio for the day or evening, and create your own event.  $150


 Strawbale Studio Rental


Imagine spending time in this enchanting structure....and create your OWN event!


  • Perhaps a birthday party, or a get-together, your book or garden club. Your music group could practice here.  Be inventive! 
  • $150 for up to 5 hours.  $225 for a day & overnight.  Set up an activity to accompany your visit? Additional fee to be determined. 
  • Call to see what dates are available, and explore the possibilities !


 Create an Activity for your group


Would you like to have a Fairy Tea Party?  Make a Labyrinth? Sculpt Sacred Space?  Learn earth sculpting & earth plastering?  Make a Dream Catcher?



 Internship Program & Volunteer Opportunities



 Background Information 


The Strawbale Studio: OXFORD, Michigan, USA - The Strawbale Studio (SBS) Natural Building Program seeks to lower the ecological footprint of building practices by empowering others to take part in the construction and design of structures and supportive environments that are ecologically sustainable and beautiful. SBS has formed a fiduciary and outreach partnership with the non-profit SEEDS to expand its educational capacity. Contact Coordinator, Deanne Bednar, at Strawbale Studio.  248.628.1887 ecoartdb@gmail.com www.strawbalestudio.org .


Projects: The Kensington Kid's Cottage, located at the Kensington Metropark in Mildford, Michigan, USA.  Projects located at the Strawbale Studio land outside Oxford, MI includeThe Strawbale Studio,  The Spiral Chamber, a wattle & daub structure, The Oxford Kid's Cottage, a thatched strawbale playhouse under construction, the Rocket Stove Heated Bench & Turtle Earth Oven.  Attend or create a tour or an activity. 


Instructor: Deanne Bednar is the illustrator of The Hand-Sculpted House Book, The Natural Plaster Book and The Cobbers Companion. After studying with the Cob Cottage Company, she began a collaborative building process: The Strawbale Studio, located outside Oxford, Michigan.   In 2006 & 2007, she was part of the design, building and training process for the Kids Cottage, a natural building at the Kensington Metropark, Farm Center located outside Milford, MI.  Currently, two buildings are under construction on the Oxford land: The Spiral Chamber (wattle & daub, thatch) and the Oxford Kid's Cottage (strawbale & thatch).  Deanne was an educator in the West Bloomfield School District from 1968 - 1996, teaching Middle School art  and a sustainability class.  She is now involved in teaching and learning about a wide variety of sustainable living strategies, with a focus on natural building. Educational trainings include apprenticeships, occasional classes, a weekly Teen Build group, made up of home-schoolers, and presentations / exhibits at Conferences & Fairs. 








Potential Fall 2013 Offering:    More information to come or contact Deanne.  

Permaculture Design Certification class - hosted by the Strawbale Studio with teachers Mark Krawchzk of VT and Jared Bogdonov-Hanna of MI.   The Permaculture Design Course (PDC) teaches students how to  use  information, resources and ethics to meet local needs on a limited land base. The PDC is an intensive 72-hour study in all things sustainable, as permaculture covers all aspects of human life. Update


 2013 FULL MOON Potluck and Bonfire           Click on link for details.

Join in on this free community event that includes a tour of the buildings, a bonfire and an opportunity to be with good folks and nature.  RSVP and Registration   6 pm tour. 7p food and bonfire.  Donations to the Strawbale Studio are appreciated.


  Full Moon Potluck & Bonfire       Time of peak full moon                         
  Sat, Jan 26, 2013   6-10 pm        11:40 PM     
  Mon, Feb 25, 2013   6-10 pm        3:28 PM     
  Wed, Mar 27, 2013   6-10 pm        4:30 AM     
  Thu, Apr 25, 2013   6-10 pm        3:00 PM     
  Fri, May 24, 2013   6-10 pm        11:27 PM     
  Sun, Jun 23, 2013   6-10 pm        6:33 AM  
       might be changed to Monday due to Green Living Fest 21-23   
  Mon, Jul 22, 2013   6-10 pm        1:16 PM     
  Tue, Aug 20, 2013   6-10 pm        8:45 PM     
  Wed, Sep 18, 2013   6-10 pm        6:12 AM     
  Fri, Oct 18, 2013   6-10 pm        6:37 PM     
  Sun, Nov 17, 2013   6-10 pm        10:16 AM     
  Tue, Dec 17, 2013   6-10 pm        4:29 AM 
















Workshops under construction !  Add your ideas, or help plan the dates & activities and get a discount ! 




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